Working as a Close Protection Officer with MRC

“I have worked as a Close Protection Officer with MRC globally and nationally for several years. Working as a Close Protection Officer with MRC has been rewarding and dynamic, working both global and national. Having an experienced support team backing you up is crucial in such a demanding role, providing you with the confidence and assurance to operate effectively in challenging situations.

The diversity of tasks encountered, both short and long term have provided me with a wealth of experience and opportunities to hone your skills in different environments. This continuous learning and adaption are essential in the field of close protection, where every situation can present unique challenges.

Maintaining a high level of proficiency in your skillset is paramount, sets successful Close Protection Officers apart and ensures you can navigate a variety of scenarios with confidence, ability, and professionalism.

A fulfilling and enriching CPO journey with MRC.”


“I joined Minimal Risk Consultancy (MRC) nearly five years ago and its being an amazing journey with great people, and opportunity. MRC fosters a supportive and familial atmosphere, even at the highest levels of the organisation. This kind of environment is invaluable, especially in what sometimes can be high-stress and demanding roles.

My initial MRC deployment during Covid was within a UK Covid testing station and then wider opportunities with long term oversees deployments in Washington, Beijing and back to Washington, looks like my next deployments will be Beijing & Hong Kong. All very diverse and unique tasks, with variable challenges, cultures and awarenesses to adapt too.   

Before MRC I worked in varying roles of Executive and Legal Assistant, Shipping Clerk, and then various Security roles. Also being an Army reservist has equipped me with the valuable skills and mindset, this motivated me to train, obtain a Close Protection Officer (CPO) licence and progress as all are relevant to working as a CPO and similar such Protection roles.

Transitioning from various roles into fulfilling career. My experience has provided me with a diverse array of opportunities, challenges, and cultural experiences. I would highly recommend the role of CPO and more importantly a role with or through Minimal Risk Consultancy.”



If you are a licensed and experienced Close Protection Officer and interested in working for Minimal Risk Consultancy in the future please register your details and CV online at Minimal Risk Recruitment. Our HR Team will review your details and as required you will be called forward for interview. If successful you will undergo vetting to the standard BS7858 prior to any deployment being offered.