Global Security Operations Centre (GSOC)

Minimal Risk Consultancy (MRC) have full access to the Arcfyre Group GSOC in Johannesburg.  Strategically located to be on a similar time zone to Europe with easy and direct connection to human intelligence across Africa it provides support to all Arcfyre Group companies operating globally in key markets and higher risk environments.

Operating with multiple staff on a 24/7 and 365 basis the GSOC enhances project and journey management support for the business.

State of the art news and social media monitoring supports tasks with the intelligence picture.  A mixed team of academic analysists and experienced operators with in-field experience produce reports and travel advice on a pre-planned basis and advice.

MRC tracking systems and the Arcwatch App, for Clients and Staff to summon assistance globally, are all monitored around the clock.

Our Client base includes Commercial, Government and NGOs as well as High Net Worth travellers and their dependants. This includes food and drink processing organisations whose employees travel extensively sourcing raw products, necessitating flexible travel arrangements to higher risk locations.

Prior to travelling, MRC and the GSOC can prepare a Country and City Brief based on the travellers’ itinerary. This will be tailored to minimise exposure to pre identified threats. The report can be delivered to everyone, but the preferred approach is to discuss the risks and threats face to face either via a meeting or video call.