Media Backwatching

Minimal Risk Consultancy (MRC) resource such requirements on a flexible basis and can utilise a mix of locally engaged CPOs with experienced teams who travel if required.

Once the threat has been established through confidential discussions MRC follow-up with applicable research and security risk assessments. The unique and wholly appropriate operational requirement can be designed and costed taking into account the media organisations profile, culture and image.  On the ground teams monitor the situation on location to ensure plans are being followed and the security of the team is being adequately managed.  If necessary, plans are adapted, and contingency measures put in place.

Backwatching tasks can cover a range of media activities including outside broadcasts, live discussion shows on location and dynamic news events such as protests.

MRC have a sizable database of registered and vetted multi-skilled CPOs who have the experience and resources to deploy at short notice and for longer term tasks. Within Europe our Client’s can be supported by our network of approved Vendors.

Tasks are backed up at all times by our in-house team of HR, Administrative, Procurement and Technical Professionals.