So why should you pick former military personnel to work for you?

Minimal Risk Consultancy (MRC)’s candidates possess skills that are critical for any organisation to succeed. They are trained to be mission-oriented and to work as a team, but also have the self-discipline to work alone. They possess critical skills for organisational achievement which includes discipline, responsibility, respect, and a work ethic that the ex-military enjoy.

Former Military personnel are trained in jobs and trades that very much mirror their civilian counterparts, as well as having a variety of additional skills that bolt on to their own personal trades and jobs. With over 50 trades in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, 140 trades in the Army and 50 trades in the Royal Air Force, former military personnel can provide you with the experience and expertise that is required for the positions that you are looking to fill.

The British Armed Forces release approximately 20,000 personnel every year, these are a highly effective and diverse workforce. MRC will assist you to utilise these backgrounds, enabling you to engage with skilled and diverse candidates through our dedicated recruitment team.

Why choose MRC?
MRC is a market leading former military recruiting firm who can provide former military personnel to your organisation; we have long established working relationships within the civilian marketplace, have industry experts, government organisations and non-profit organisations seeking candidates from across the world.

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