Vetting and Welfare

As part of our strong commitments to safety, welfare and quality we operate an enhanced vetting and welfare process for all our directly managed positions in higher risk environments. We also offer this service to clients who wish to have this aspect of recruitment outsourced or as an addition to the recruitment service that we provide to them.

As a candidate consider the below as a guide. Exact requirements for a vacancy may vary depending on the ultimate clients arrangements and own in-house provision.

Our in house recruitment team are trained to undertake vetting to BS7858 and where required provide additional verification of candidate suitability. This can include up-to-date Criminal Record Bureau checks and adverse financial history assessment.

Deployment medicals
Through our corporate agreement with a Private Health Centre located in central London we undertake pre-deployment medicals on all our directly managed tasks in higher risk environments and when required by clients. Medical checks include assessment by a Doctor experienced in assessing individuals in the security sector, cardiovascular checks, blood profiling and substance misuse screening. Appointments can usually be arranged within 24 hours and can take place at weekends and evenings.

On longer term tasks mid-term and/or annual medicals are also arranged as appropriate.

Psychometric evaluation
Minimal Risk Recruitment are equipped to offer a psychometric evaluation procedure designed for use in the security sector; for all candidates or ‘as required’ by our clients’ recruitment needs.

The procedure provides in depth personality insights to help identify the best candidates and can also be used to develop existing employees who are in or being moved to positions of trust or responsibility.

The traits measured in the evaluation procedure provide an effective predictor of future behaviour, professional style and effectiveness when combined with professional judgment, consultation and interpretation.

Key features:

  • Evaluation helps reduce the cost and risk associated with ‘bad hires’ and helps demonstrate the clients ‘due diligence’ in recruitment
  • The evaluation procedure raises the professionalism and consistency of the recruitment process
  • The evaluation improves the vetting process by providing an auditable assessment, and anonymous information, on candidates personalities prior to interview

For further information, or to arrange a meeting to discuss how the psychometric evaluation could be utilised for your recruitment process please do not hesitate to make contact.

If you are asked to undertake a psychometric evaluation as part of the recruitment process rest assured that this will not replace professional judgement by our Recruitment Team nor be taken as a substitute for your relevant experience and training. Specific guidance on taking the evaluation will be issued prior to you taking part in the procedure.

Ongoing welfare
To ensure that individuals are continued to be cared for we also offer interim and contract completion psychiatric assessments and medicals to ensure the longer term welfare of personnel. This is combined with our extensive insurance cover that provides private medical and repatriation allowances on projects we directly operate.

For more information on our vetting and welfare process or how we could assist with your requirements please contact us.