SIM Online and SIM Mobile

Minimal Risk Consultancy (MRC) operate our own bespoke online Security Incident Management system; SIM Online and SIM Mobile.

These allow users to log all types of incidents and intelligence centrally via any computer with an internet connection or on mobile phone or tablet. The system is designed to facilitate the following:

    • Instant logging of incidents by sites, control rooms and management.
    • Immediate automatic email alerts to management and clients.
    • Management ‘close-out’ and follow up functions.
    • Security and audit of reports generated.
    • Analysis of data and trends over time.
    • Long term archive and storage for incident reports.
    • Attachment of photos and PDF documents to the electronic records.
    • Access to the system by client and stakeholders.
    • Customisable design to incorporate client branding.

To arrange for a demonstration please contact us to discuss your needs and how the system could be easily implemented.